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Ceramic tile and natural stone

Tile and Stone are beautiful, long-lasting products that can bring elegance to your home. However, if it is not properly installed it can be a nightmare. Read below to learn why you can trust Canterbury Floor and Home for your next ceramic tile installation.

Foundation is key

Tile is a very hard and durable product, but it is not flexible. Before we ever start a tile installation, we make sure that the sub-floor is suitable for ceramic tile. You can have peace of mind knowing that our expert installers have your best interest at heart.

Not all material is made equal

If you have ever tried to install tile yourself, you know that there are many different setting materials. We study the specification of all of the products we use to ensure that your product is correct for the given application. We work to ensure that your project will never fail by using only premium products rated for your specific application.
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Installation in Manhattan, KS area from Canterbury Floor and Home


We waterproof every shower enclosure and any area exposed to moisture, no exceptions. You'll thank us later.

Laid with care

We strive to produce the flattest, straightest, most beautiful installation possible. Additionally we ensure all material is installed with proper mortar coverage and expansion space.

Lets talk grout

Cleaning grout is most people's number one concern when selecting ceramic tile. We sell only premium stain-resistant grout and sealers making maintenance much easier.

For those still worried about grout, we recommend superior options such as stain proof urethane or epoxy grouts. These products add about the same cost as a coat of sealant but require no maintenance.