Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our installation warranty covers defects in workmanship for labor only furnished by Canterbury Floor and Home LLC employees. This warranty only applies to installations in which material is purchased from Canterbury Floor and Home.
Canterbury Floor and Home LLC will repair any defective workmanship at no charge for the life of the installation.

Types of service covered under this warranty include:
  • Remaking seams that gap, ravel, or fray. This is not a guarantee that seams will be invisible.
  • Repairing or replacing transitions and tack strip which fail or come loose.
  • Re-stretching carpet that wrinkles for the period stated in the carpet wrinkle warranty.
  • Replacing failed underlayments, adhesives, thin sets, grout and the like if failure is a direct result of improper installation.
  • Other failures and defects that are the direct result of improper installation as defined by Canterbury Floor and Home Standard of Work Publications.

Items which are not covered under this warranty include:

  • Damage caused by standard wear and tear, abuse, neglect, flooding, improper cleaning, or consequential or incidental damages from other installation contractors or homeowners.

This warranty covers only workmanship and is not a performance or product warranty. This warranty guarantees only the repair of an area and not the replacement of product. A Canterbury Floor and Home representative shall have sole authority to determine whether a defect or failure is the result of installation error or other factors not covered under this warranty.